Department Profile

Academic Cell

Comprehensive Academic Oversight:

  • The Academic Cell assumes full responsibility for coordinating and managing all academic activities within our institution, ensuring efficiency and adherence to academic standards.

Examination Management:

  • From the organization of theory and practical examinations to the facilitation of reappearance exams, the Academic Cell oversees the entire examination process, maintaining integrity and fairness throughout.

Timetable Coordination:

  • A crucial aspect of our Academic Cell’s duties involves the preparation of practical exam timetables, meticulously arranged to accommodate the schedules of external examiners and optimize the examination process.

Results Administration:

  • Acting as a central hub for academic records, the Academic Cell receives and disseminates all examination results from the Controller of Examinations at TNAU, ensuring timely delivery to students and relevant stakeholders.

Student Support Services:

  • The Academic Cell provides essential support to students by preparing temporary mark statements required for bank loans and scholarship applications, facilitating seamless access to financial aid opportunities.

Communication Hub:

  • All academic-related communications, including circulars and announcements, are efficiently relayed to students and faculty members through the Academic Cell, ensuring transparency and effective dissemination of information.

Administrative Liaison:

  • Serving as a conduit between students and the administration, the Academic Cell is responsible for collecting reappearance and revaluation forms from students, ensuring proper documentation and communication with the Controller of Examinations at TNAU.