Department Profile

Livestock and Poultry Unit

  • The college farm hosts a dedicated Dairy, Poultry, and Goats/Sheep Unit, serving as a practical learning resource for students.
  • The dairy unit is equipped with twenty crossbreed dairy animals, providing hands-on experience to students in dairy management.
  • A loose housing system, along with a separate milking parlor, ensures optimal management and care for the dairy animals.
  • Additionally, a poultry shed is maintained with 250 birds, offering students insights into poultry farming practices.
  • The unit also includes a goat farming section, housing 40 goats and 40 sheep, contributing to the diversity of agricultural learning opportunities.
  • Furthermore, the unit features 61 ducks, providing students with exposure to duck rearing techniques and practices.
  • These facilities enhance the practical education of students and promote experiential learning in various aspects of animal husbandry and agriculture.