Department Profile

Agricultural Economics


  • This course focuses on imparting knowledge about micro and macro aspects of economics relevant to Agriculture. 
  • The basic concepts are applied to case scenarios like production of crops, cost of cultivation, prices and income.
  • Farm management and production and resource economics course tries to develop knowledge and skills in relation to dairy, poultry, piggery, farm production and students are exposed to field visits and interactions with farmers.
  • Maintenance of farm accounts and records deriving the benefit and costs associated with farm production are the areas where students do practical work in interaction with farmers.
  • Entrepreneurship development and business management focuses on topics like start up agriculture business, entrepreneurship development, generation of innovative ideas, planning and budgeting for agriculture business. 
  • Students are also exposed to field visits to agriculture-based industries, in interaction with agriculture-based entrepreneurs and their business plans.

Courses offered

Sl. No Year and Semester Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1. Ist Year, IInd Semester AEC 102 Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics 1 + 1
2. IInd Year, IIIrd Semester AEC 201 Farm Management, Production and Resource
1 + 1
3. IIIrd Year Vth Semester AEC 301 Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices 2 + 1
4. IIIrd Year Vth Semester ARM 301 Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship 1 + 1
5. IIIrd Year VIth Semester AEC 302 Agricultural Finance, Banking and Cooperation 2 + 1 


1 Dr.K. Ravi Professor and Head
2 Dr. K. Arulmani Assistant Professor
3 Mr. R. Karthick Assistant Professor


Activities of department

Letter of Intent (LOI): On behalf of Palar Agricultural College, we hereby express our intent to collaborate with your esteemed institution. In 2024, we diligently prepared this Letter of Intent, seeking mutual cooperation and partnership in various agricultural research and educational endeavors. Together, we aim to advance agricultural knowledge and contribute to sustainable farming practices.

Institutional Eligibility for Accreditation (IEA): Palar Agricultural College is proud to submit the Institutional Eligibility for Accreditation (IEA) report for 2024. This comprehensive report reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest educational standards and continually improving our institution. We look forward to the accreditation process as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Statement of Compliance (SOC): Palar Agricultural College proudly presents the Statement of Compliance (SOC) for 2023. This document affirms our institution’s adherence to regulatory and quality standards, highlighting our commitment to providing a safe and enriching educational environment. We are dedicated to ensuring our students’ success and well-being.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR): Palar Agricultural College is honored to present the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) report for 2023. Our collaborative efforts in preparing this report showcase our dedication to meeting and exceeding ICAR’s rigorous standards for agricultural education and research, furthering our mission to advance agriculture in India.

Training and Research activities: Training and research activities in agricultural and allied sectors are pivotal for advancing knowledge and innovation in agriculture. These activities encompass a wide range of initiatives, including hands-on training programs for farmers, research projects to enhance crop and livestock productivity, and the development of sustainable agricultural practices. By fostering these activities, institutions, and organizations contribute to the growth and resilience of the agricultural sector, ensuring food security, economic stability, and environmental sustainability.