Department Profile

Genentics & Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is an ancient activity, dating to the very beginnings of agriculture. One of the aims of virtually every breeding project is to increase yield. This can often be brought about by selecting obvious morphological variants.
The goals of plant breeding are to produce crop varieties that boast unique and superior traits for a variety of applications. Plant breeding can be performed through many different techniques ranging from simply selecting plants with desirable characteristics for propagation, to methods that make use of knowledge of genetics and chromosomes, to more complex molecular techniques.
The mandates of this department includes teaching, research ie., handling courses on Introduction to Agricultural Botany, Fundamentals of Genetics, Cytogenetics, Fundamentals of Plant Breeding, Crop improvement and PGR related courses to UG students through quality teaching, conducting research projects. To Dissemination of knowledge on crop varieties to the farmers

The department is aims

  • To ensure quality teaching in the Genetics, Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding related subjects and also to facilitate quality research work of UG
  • Provide student development through training and guidance
  • To Collect, evaluate, maintain and characterize the field crops and horticulture crops
  • Provide knowledge to evolve superior crop varieties/hybrids with high yield, quality, biotic and abiotic stresses using classical and also using biotechnological tools
  • To disseminate the knowledge on latest farm technologies to the farmers through on farm and off farm


1. Dr.M.Hemanth Kumar Assistant Professor
2. MRS.J.M.Rajalakshmi Assistant Professor
3. Mrs. K. Nivetha Lab Assistant

 Couses offered :

S.NO Course code Course Title Credit hours Semester
1.       PBG 101 Introduction to Agricultural Botany (1+1) I
2.       PBG 201 Fundamentals of Genetics (2+1) IV
3.       PBG 301 Fundamentals of Plant Breeding (2+1) V
4.       PBG 302 Crop Improvement (2+1) VI
5.       PGR 351 Plant Genetic Resources: Collection,
Conservation and Utilisation
(1+1) VI
6.       APW401
Project report Preparation, Presentation
and Evaluation
(0+1) VII & VIII


S.NO Particulars
7.       Microscope – 45
8.       Binocular microscope
9.       Electronic Moisture Meter
10.    Electronic Balance
11.    Automatic seed /
grain counter
12.    Hot Air Oven
13.    Camera Lucida
14.    Charts/models/ lamination
15.    Projection microscope
16.    Heating Mantel
17.    Hot plates
18.    Incubator
19.    Lux meter
20.    Magnetic stirrer
21.    Moisture meter
22.    Mono pan balance
23.    Purity Analysis Table
24.    Refrigerator
25.    Sample divide
26.    Seed Counter
27.    Top Pan balance
28.    Water bath
29.    Tissue culture laboratory
Significant Activities:

Training students about different Plant Breeding techniques

Ramiah Gene Bank (RGB) houses both medium term and long cold storage units for genetic conservation of orthodox seeds of agri-horticultutal crop germplasm with a capacity to store one lakh germplasm accessions.