About PAC

Vision & Mission


PAC endeavors to promote science-based agriculture and associated practices within the State of Tamil Nadu through its outreach, teaching, and research initiatives. The primary objective is to support farmers and stakeholders in the agribusiness sector, enabling them to effectively compete in both domestic and global markets.

Agri-Techno- Innovation: To provide technical training and skill development by using cutting-edge agricultural technologies.

Sustainable agriculture: To impart scientific knowledge to the younger generation in order to increase and preserve agricultural productivity using modern agricultural technologies.

Hunger Free World: To ensure food security and alleviate hunger by allowing young people the chance to compete in and contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sectors at the national and international levels.


To ensure food security, promote agriculture, and raise the standard of living for the farming community through excellent research, training, and technology transfer.

 Agricultural Education:

 To establish the college as a leading and outstanding institution within the state


 To encourage educated individuals to enter the agricultural industry and to prepare graduates to become agricultural entrepreneurs.

Skill Development:

To generate employable graduates to meet both domestic and international demand.

Rural Development:

To support the rural community by using contemporary farming techniques

Who We Are

Keeping in tune with the needs of the future, we at Palar Agricultural College understand the role of agriculture has played and will continue to play in the nation’s future.