Department Profile

Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry

The Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry is an academic department established in the Palar Agricultural College at 2017. The prime focus is on the study of soil and its relation to Agriculture. This department aims to improve agricultural Productivity and sustainability by conducting research, providing education and offering expertise in soil-related matters. The key area of focus within the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry is Soil fertility and Nutrient Management, Soil Conservation and Erosion Control, soil analysis and Testing, Crop-specific Soil Management, research and innovation and Sustainable Agriculture. Apart from that this department trains the student on hands on expertise in soil testing, fertilizer testing, colloquium of establishing in soil testing and fertilizer testing laboratories, vermicompost production and other composting technologies.


S.No Name of the staff Designation
1 Mr.C. Anbarasu Assistant Professor
2 Dr. P. Rajalakshmi Assistant Professor
3 Mrs. Susithra Lab Assistant


S.No Course code and Title Credit Hours Semester
1 SAC 101- Fundamentals of Soil Science (2+1) I
2 RSG 101 -Geo informatics for precision farming (1+0) II
3 SAC 201 -Soil Resource Inventory (1+1) III
4 SAC 202 -Problematic Soils and Their Management (2+0) IV
5 SAC 301-Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management (2+1) V
6 SAC 352 -Rejuvenation of Deteriorated lands (1+1) VI
7 SAC 451-On Farm Advisory for Soil Health, Water Quality and Plant nutrition (0+10) VIII
8 APW 401-Project Report Presentation and Evaluation (0+1) VIII


Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry laboratory is equipped with various instruments required to conduct basic soil, water and plant sample analyses. students are given hands on training on soil sample collection, soil profile description, soil classification, soil testing, soil test based fertilizer recommendation, plant sample analysis, organic manure analysis, nutrient deficiency identification and fertilizer identification. The students are also involved in project works and experiential learning on soil sample analysis during their final semester. In this laboratory, the soil samples obtained from farmer’s field are also analyzed and the results are given to them in Soil Health card. Training programme for farmers are conducted to create awareness on importance of soil analysis, soil sample collection, balanced fertilization, organic manure application and soil health management. The instruments in the laboratory includes pH meter, electrical conductivity meter, hot air oven, microscopes, spectrophotometer, flame photometer, sand bath, water bath, rotary shaker and distilled water units.


  • Established commercial vermicompost unit in PAC farm,
  • Established composting unit for every agricultural wastes in PAC farm unit,
  • Compost are periodically harvested and sold around college and farmers,
  • Students are trained in fertilizer and soil testing procedures
  • Soil day -2022 celebration with farmers at Jolarpettai Block