NSS Unit

  • The college hosts a vibrant National Service Scheme (NSS) unit, dedicated to promoting social awareness and community service among students.
  • Led by faculty coordinators and enthusiastic student volunteers, the NSS unit organizes various social outreach programs and activities.
  • It collaborates with local communities and NGOs to address social issues such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation and rural development.
  • The NSS unit conducts regular activities as well as organizes week long special camps in villages
  • Through rallies, cleanliness drives, blood donation camps and awareness campaigns NSS volunteers create positive impact in society.
  • Through its initiatives, the NSS unit aims to instill in students a sense of civic responsibility, empathy and leadership skills, preparing them to become socially conscious and engaged citizens.
  • Participation in NSS activities provides students with opportunities for personal growth, community engagement, and meaningful contributions towards social welfare.