Department Profile

Agricultural Engineering


  • The department of Agricultural Engineering trains students in operating the different agricultural tools, types of machinery/implements.
  • It also gives training in handling the various surveying and levelling instruments for measuring the field. Learning these courses equips students with knowledge about the maintenance of different types of equipment, working of conventional machinery and recent technologies involved in agriculture.
  • The design of course structure and syllabus for the UG programme creates skilled and technically sound human resources to cater to the engineering needs of farm mechanization, irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, post-harvest processing of crops, value addition, renewable energy, and appropriate design and utilization of agriculture resources.

1. To enable students to understand the practice of biogas applications and solar energy Systems
2. To develop practical skills for the designing of drip and sprinkler irrigation system
3. To qualify students to understand the post-harvest handling of different crops


S. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Semester
1. SWE 112 Soil and Water Conservation 1 + 1 II
2. FMP 211 Farm Machinery and Power 1 + 1 III
3. ERG 211 Renewable Energy and Green
1 + 1 IV
4. APE 311 Protected Cultivation and
Secondary Agriculture
1 + 1 V


1 S.Kiran Santhosh Kumar Assistant Professor
2 Mr.C.Padmanaban Lab Assistant

– Cut Section model of Petrol and Diesel Engine.
 – Different kinds of Survey and Levelling Instruments
– Power Tiller with multi setup accessories
– Different kinds of primary and secondary tillage implements. 

-Training the students on how to operate different kind of farm implements for better productivity.
– Training the farmers on importance of use of micro irrigation and various schemes introduced by Indian Government on providing subsidy to the farmers.
– Indulging the knowledge of biofuels to the students and usage of various renewable energy sources to minimise the dependence on non-conventional energy sources.