The college is having well furnished physical facilities making the hostel, a second home for students emphasizing on studies and safety.

There are separate residentiary provisions for boys and girls students of this college.
The hostels are following constricted rules and regulations with continuous monitoring, sustenance of in and out registers, complaint note, medical note.

The hostel has been providing the students with the below mentioned facilities

  • Hostel is provided with a spacious dining hall with requisite and cosy furniture and kitchen with Steam Cooking facilities.
  • Around the clock Uninterrupted Electricity and water supply
  • Wardens are available for consultation and guidance for the benefit of the students.
  • Lift facilities are also available at both college and hostels.


Dinning Hall

The mess hall is very spacious and can accommodate several hundreds of students at a time. The menu covers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. There is centralized kitchen and separate dining halls for both hostels. The hostel mess is fully furnished with water purifiers, manual washing systems and generator for uninterrupted power supply.

There are separate dining halls apportioned for girls and boys students. The dining hall equipped with benches and chairs can accommodate nearly 300 students at a time. The menu consisting of food items are prepared using contemporary kitchen equipments and served for the students.

The Palar Agricultural College has the swimming pool which becomes the key attraction amongst students. The college promotes its students to actively engage and involve in co-curricular activities for maintaining good health and fitness.

This facility is open for the students and a special care is taken to maintain the cleanliness in the pool. The wellbeing of the students is assured to make this an enjoyable activity. swimming pool facilities keep the students engaged in fitness activities along with entertainment & fun.

These are indeed the unique features of our college and enable us to provide an exception experience to our students.

Swimming Pool


The food courts are available at campus with easy access to students. Our canteen offers salubrious and reasonable food. The Department of Food Science and Technology offers wide variety of sweets, healthy snacks, ice-creams, fruits, beverages. It has fine aura with outdoor seating facility.

Students are enjoying bus facility to study visits mentioned in curriculum. The bus is equipped with AC and provides conciliatory and safe transportation. This transport is also used for educational purposes like visit to nearby places based on courses, and for hospitals, etc. 


Uninterrupted Power Supply

Palar Agricultural College using a solar unlimited unit with can provide sustainable and reliable power for both Boys & Girls Hostel, college usage as a back up during outages  , to promote eco – friendly  practice on campus.   

The college has exquisitely built centralized air conditioned Auditorium with ample seating capacity to accommodate 1000 Persons. The Auditorium is very much outfitted with the contemporary state_of the_art with excellent acoustics facilities. College  Auditorium serve  diverse purpose, such as hosting lectures , national and international conferences seminars, workshops and cultural events.

It provide a platform for academic and extra curricular activities, enhancing the over all learning experiences.


Conference Hall

The conference Hall in our college is well furnished with projector and  centralized air conditioned . It is often utilized for various purposes such as  academic seminars , guest lecture , workshop, students presentation . they serve has versatile spaces for both  formal and informal gathering

Sports is integral part during the college life. Student’s physical growth along with intellectual growth is vital for development of the student. PAC promotes Inter-college and intra-college sports events to showcase their talents in sport related activities. There is an indoor stadium as well as extensive space for outdoor sports. Various competitions in all indoor and outdoor games would be conducted during sports-day celebrations.

In addition, our students would be divided into different houses and they would be encouraged to participate in different competitions.

PAC  promotes Inter-college and intra-college sports events to showcase their talents in sport related activities.

Physical Education