Department Profile

Crop Physiology

Crop Physiology is the science concerned with processes and functions, the responses of plants to changes in the environment and the growth and development that result from the responses. Genetic potential of a plant and its interaction with environmental factors decides its growth and development by influencing or modifying certain internal processes. 
Plant physiology studies about these internal processes and their functional aspects. It helps to understand various biological processes of the plants like Photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, translocation, nutrient uptake, plant growth regulation through hormones and such other processes which have profound impact on crop yield.
The department of Crop Physiology was started at 2017. Initially, it was headed by an Assistant Professor of Crop Physiology supported by a team of lectures. Crop physiology is the study of vital phenomena in plants. 


S.No Course Code Course Tittle Semester
 1. CRP – 101 Fundamentals of Crop Physiology (2+1) II


1. Mrs. M. Geethalakshmi Assistant Professor


S.No Name of the instrument 
1. Spectrophotometer 
2. Weighing balance 
3. Water bath 
4. Centrifuge 
5. Distillation unit 


Year Title
2022 Training programme on “Identification nutrient deficiency”
2023 Training programme on “ How to identify Macro and Micro nutrient deficiency”
2023 Foliar nutrient application in crops.

Identification nutrient deficiency:
Nutrient deficiency symptoms occur as yellowing of leaves, interveinal yellowing of leaves, shortened internodes, or abnormal coloration such as red, purple, or bronze leaves. These symptoms appear on different plant parts as a result of micro and macro nutrient mobility in the plant