Department Profile

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is a vital component of agriculture and rural economy. It plays a significant role in the livelihood of rural India. Promotion of knowledge on animal husbandry leads to more scientific and integrated farm management to obtain sustainable yield. It is an inseparable component of agro-forestry and agriculture to ensure the food security of the nation. Incorporating animal husbandry with agriculture further has its scope in reducing the cost of investment and together they yield greater productivity. It also assures creation of employment to the rural women, which greatly contributes towards the women empowerment. In this course, Students are given hands on training, with different topics ranging from animal health and nutrition to regulations and disease management. In poultry and cattle aspect, they are taught different breeds and disease management.
Through this department students are given hands on training, with topics ranging from animal health and nutrition to regulations and disease management. In poultry aspect, they are taught different breeds and management. Students are taken to different breeds of cattle, buffalo, poultry and goat.

S.No Course Code Course Tittle Semester
1. AMP- 201 Livestock and Poultry Management (2+1) III


1. Dr.P.Karunamoorthi Associate Professor 
2. Dr.S.Mohandoss Associate Professor 
3. Mrs.R.Priya Lab Assistant

Facilities available: Particulars dimension in ft
Cow/ Buffaloes
Goat and Sheep (Each) (80)
Poultry unit (birds )
Pigs (8)
Hand and electric centrifuge
Analytical balance
Hot air oven
Micro kjeldahl N digestion & distillation apparatus
Soxhlet unit for fat estimation
Hot plate, Fiber Tech
Vacuum Pump
Platform balance (100 kg cap)
Distilled water unit
Animal Models
Chaff cutter
L.P.G. gas unit
Gobar gas plant
Incubator cum hatcher
Feeder (4)
Water (4)
Milking bucket (5)
Milking can (6)
Electric dehorner


Year Title Place No. of farmers & Students
2022 Training programme on How to identify Cow and poultry Viral disease  PAC farm 30
2023 Training programme on “Vaccination programmed” PAC farm 35

Palar Agricultural College- Department of Animal Husbandry. Jointly conducted Training programme on identifying Cow and poultry Viral disease and Vaccination camp are conducted at kothamarikuppam (Village). Inaugurated by the Principal Dr.y. Hariprasad. Dr. P. Karunamoorthy B.V.Sc., C.A.L.L.B., L.L.M and Dr. S. Mohan Doss M.V.Sc.,

Lab assistant Mrs. R. Priya, and Dr. Pavithra Veterinary Assistant surgeon Melpatti Participated and conducted vaccination against Anthrax diseases and Ranikhet for 11 milch animals for bullocks 181 poultry birds and 68 Ducks, Deworming was also down for 11 Milch Animals, 7 Bullocks and 6 cattle’s and identify the viral disease. The students of Palar Agricultural College and Village Farmers are participated and observed the vaccination details. Mrs. R. Priya Lab assistant of Animal Husbandry department of Palar Agricultural college proposed heart of Thanks of the Principal, College Students and Farmers are participants involved in the camp and also Proposed special Thanks to Dr. Pavithra Veterinary Assistant surgeon.