The Integrated Farming System in Rice event at Palar Agriculture Farm offers students a hands-on learning experience aimed at deepening their understanding of sustainable farming practices. Through interactive workshops, informative lectures, and practical demonstrations, students will explore the multifaceted benefits of implementing an integrated approach to farming.Attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand how various components of the farming system, such as crop cultivation, livestock rearing, and agroforestry, can be integrated to enhance productivity and sustainability. Expert speakers will share their insights on the economic advantages of adopting integrated farming systems, highlighting the potential for increased yields, reduced input costs, and diversified income streams for farmers. Furthermore, students will engage in discussions and networking sessions with industry professionals, researchers, and fellow enthusiasts, fostering a collaborative learning environment conducive to knowledge exchange and skill development. By immersing themselves in this educational event, students will gain valuable insights into the practical applications of integrated farming systems, empowering them to make informed decisions and contribute positively to agricultural sustainability and rural development initiatives in the future.

Venue : Palar Agriculture College Farm