The World Environment Day on 5th June 2018  was celebrated in a  meaningful way by the Department of Environmental Studies by adopting the theme for 2018 # Beating Plastic Pollution. It is imperative that we safeguard the health of our planet at this critical juncture and understand the importance of keeping our planet clean.

           Hence, to encourage awareness and action to protect our environment, an innovative concept was adopted by the department to bring in awareness among all the students from all the students by administering oaths in their respective classes.

         “We, the Staff and Students of Palar Agricultural college, pledge to practice everything in our power to protect, preserve, and enhance the beauty and glory of nature. We understand that we are responsible for sustaining the only livable planet “Mother Earth” and save it as a gift to the future generation

         Also , as part of World Environment Day , planting of saplings was carried on in the college premises. The saplings for the programme were bought from the Forest Department.

Venue : Palar Agricultural College, Vellore