The inaugural Muthamizh Vizha at Palar Agricultural College on July 21, 2023 was organized by Mr. S.V. Prabhu, Assistant professor – Department of Tamil. The event was graced by the presence of the distinguished Chief Guest, Thiru. Palani, a renowned Vijay TV celebrity.

The three divisions of Iyal (literature), Isai (music) and Nadakam (drama) played a pivotal role in showcasing the multifaceted aspects of Tamil arts and culture.

A particularly engaging aspect of the Muthamizh Vizha was the spirited debate conducted on the theme, அதிகசுதந்திரத்தை அனுபவிப்பவர்கள் 90’s மாணவர்களா 2K மாணவர்களா (Do individuals experience more freedom in the 90’s or the 2K era?).

The festivities unfolded with great enthusiasm, with students participating in various traditional activities that reflected the essence of Tamil tradition.