The large quantity of organic waste, generated in PAC farm is either burned or landfilled posing a problem of safe disposal. To mitigate this problem all the waste can be converted into highly valuable nutrient-rich compost in an environment-friendly manner. Vermicomposting is one of the best methods of composting any kind of organic matter, which could provide a ‘win-win’ solution to tackle the problem of safe disposal of waste and also provide most needed plant nutrients for sustainable productivity. Vermicompost improves growth, quality and yield of different field crops, flower and fruit crops. For this purpose The Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry PAC organized vermicompost production training for students on 5/07/2021 at PAC Farm, In this program Mr. C.ANBARASU explained various activities of vermicompost production including pit formation, collection of wastes, bed preparation, earthworms inoculation, watering and harvesting. Totally 50 students were participated the training programme.