Exposure Visit and Training on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) on Millets Production – Cost effective measures for Sustainable Agriculture for farmers from 05.06.2024 to 07.06.2024 in Timiri block of Ranipet District, Tamil Nadu.

Objectives of the training programme

  • To generate awareness about the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) techniques available for low-cost farming (cropping pattern/ management and marketing)
  • Motivate the farmers about the alternate source of income generation
  • To train farmers to cultivate high yielding varieties and hybrids in millets.
  • To popularize CSA techniques Such as micro irrigation and fertigation in millets among the farmers.
  • To popularize mechanization in millets to mitigate labour scarcity.
  • To promote value addition in millets and to enhance the farm income.
  • To provide market intelligence on millets.
  • To train the farmers about Organic Input production and marketing
  • To improve the standard of living of small and marginal farmers
  • To impart knowledge on latest available technology for Climate smart farming
  • To motivate the individual farmers to take up organic production or year-round supplement of organic input to the agricultural farmland.
  • To develop the farmer’s group as an entrepreneur to produce the organic input on a large scale and supply to farmers in the group as an income generation activity.
  • To motivate farmers to start a FPC/FPO



Number of farmers benefitted



Number of batches of exposure visits


1 (25 farmers plus technical expert and institutional in-charge)

Location of target villages


Soraiyur, Timiri block of Ranipet District, Tamil Nadu.

Duration of the training and exposure visit


Three days 

(Two-days training & one day exposure visit)



Topics covered (seminar highlights)

First day (05.06.2024)

I Session

Inauguration and Introduction, the Scope of Climate Smart Agriculture

II Session

Delivered lectures on various techniques available for Climate Smart Agriculture (Climate adaptation – cropping pattern – intercultural operations- cropping seasons- plant protection measures – soil conservation measures- water conservation measures – crop yield enhancement measures).

III Session

Delivered lectures on CSA and their importance for Sustainable Millets-Sorghum crop production and Sustainable Seed Production / Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Second Day (06.06.2024)

I Session

Delivered lectures on Millets Seed Production by adapting climate smart agriculture techniques

II Session

Demonstrated of Climate Smart Agriculture Experimental Farm with various adapted techniques in the PAC agricultural experimental farm / demo plots in the field

Third Day (07.06.2024)

III Session

Visited the Millets Research Station and Organic input Production unit in KVK, Athiayanthal

Feedback, Conclusion, Future Plan of Action discussed, valedictory, vote of thanks. National Anthem.

Digital Agriculture (IoT in Agriculture)

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Training: This program raises farmers’ productivity by educating them about the use of e-learning platforms and smartphone apps for farming.